Medicare Supplement Plan Florida

Does it seem as though everyone understands the Medicare terminology except for you? Take heart; it’s difficult for most people to make sense out of the Medicare system; in fact, it can be especially challenging if it’s your first year of opting in to a Medicare supplement plan in Florida. Tom Ashton Insurance is available to answer questions and help you choose the right plan.

Is It Worth It?

More than 10 million Americans seem to think it’s worth the time and trouble of finding a reputable insurance agent who can help them choose the right plan for their needs. If you’re worried about the rising out-of-pocket expenses and excess costs of healthcare coverage, the only way to reduce or eliminate them is to opt-in to a gap plan that takes care of the additional costs.

The Problem

Each gap plan pays a particular commission to the insurance agent who enrolls their client. One of the most significant problems that seniors face is that some of the best plans pay the lowest commission, which means a less-than-reputable agent will not always recommend the plan that best fits your needs- one reason why it’s so important to work with Tom Ashton Insurance. The needs of our clients still outweigh the impact on our bottom line.

Why You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan in Florida

Soon after Medicare was first signed into law, it became evident that there were gaps in the program’s coverage. It wasn’t long before gap plans started making coverage more affordable for seniors. Owning a gap policy offers seniors some excellent benefits which include:

  • The freedom to choose from doctors and hospitals
  • The option to see a specialist without a referral
  • Nationwide coverage
  • No out-of-pocket expenses with the right plan

Use our Free Online Resources

You can learn more about the advantages of owning a gap plan by taking a closer look at our plan chart. Comparing the benefits of supplemental plans side by side can make them more understandable and can make the choice seem clear as to which program will meet your needs. If you still have questions, feel free to contact Tom Ashton for honest, straightforward answers and recommendations.

Why So Many Options?

Senior budgets come in all sizes, so while one client may find it easy to afford a plan that covers all the gaps in their Medicare plan, others find that a more affordable plan makes more sense to their budget. The best way to determine your needs is to discuss them with Tom Ashton over the phone.

If you’re finding it difficult to understand the Medicare system or choose a Medicare supplement plan in Florida from the numerous options, call our office now for a no-cost consultation. If you choose the wrong plan, you’ll have to wait until next year before you can opt out and select another type of gap coverage. Make sure you select the right plan the first time around.

Medicare Supplement Plan Florida
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