Florida Medigap Plans

Florida Medigap Plans are just like plans available in other states except that their costs can vary significantly from one state to another. For this reason, it’s important that seniors shop around before opting in to a Medigap plan. Tom Ashton Insurance is a name seniors trust for honest and straightforward information when looking into Medigap insurance. If you’re having a hard time making sense out of Medigap coverage, Tom Ashton would be happy to answer your questions.

It’s Common To Feel Overwhelmed

The first or second year of eligibility, it’s relatively common for seniors to feel as though it’s unnecessarily complicated to navigate the Medigap system- and rightly so. The playing field is made even more difficult to process as Plans and Parts both use a lettering system to differentiate between coverage. Don’t worry- with a little guidance you’ll soon understand which plans cover which healthcare services. Tom Ashton Insurance understands the need to explain options to our clients patiently.

You’ll Be Lost Without the Right Agent

Due to the small commissions that agents receive for signing up clients for Medigap coverage, most agencies ask their employees to spend less time explaining benefits and more time signing clients. At Tom Ashton Insurance, we’d rather spend our time making sure the plan you opt-in for is the right coverage for your needs. Our bottom line is not what’s at stake if our clients choose the wrong Florida Medigap plans.

We’re Different From the Crowd

We’ll always listen carefully to your healthcare needs and take your budget into consideration when making a recommendation regarding gap insurance. What’s more, we’ll take our time and explain why one plan may benefit you over another, and why we feel a particular program is a better fit for you. You can rest easy knowing you’ve found an insurance company that is here to assist you at every step of the way while looking at supplement plans.

Understanding Medigap Insurance

Let’s take a quick look at what a supplement plan can do for you and why you might want to consider one. Millions of Americans opt in to Medigap each year for the simple reason that they pay part or all of your share of the bill when you need health care. That means less out-of-pocket costs- and sometimes none at all, depending on which plan you own. Comparing plans can help you find the most coverage for the least monthly payment- that’s where we come in.

The Surprising Realization

It comes as a shock to many seniors to learn that their Medicare coverage only pays 80% of their Part B expense, and while you may think of 80% as being a large amount, it’s incredible how quickly the other 20% can add up. Florida Medigap Plans can prevent financial devastation in the event that you need expensive healthcare services during the year. Let Tom Ashton Insurance protect your wealth from the ever-increasing costs of healthcare with a Medigap plan that meets your total needs.

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