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The insurance industry has evolved significantly in the United States. However, despite all the advances in coverage and value-added services in the sector, there is a category that has made little progress since 1970: dental plans.

What Problems Do Users Find With Dental Plans?

The first inconvenience that users find when taking precautions regarding their dental health is that few insurance companies offer coverage for dental care. Also, the insurers that offer dental plans in Florida and the rest of the country, barely provide coverage between $1000 and $2000 per year. The patient must cover any excess.

The most serious of the situation is that to enjoy the benefits, a citizen must pay high coverage that can easily range between $500 and $800 a year. This presents a severe dilemma for users: if you have an excellent dental year, you lose a considerable amount of money. On the other hand, if you do not have insurance and an incident occurs with your teeth, you must pay for costly treatments.

America’s Dental Health

According to a Washington Post report (June 2017), almost 20% of adults over 65 have lost all their teeth in the USA. The main reason is a combination of costly dental treatments (such as cleanings, restorations, and implants), and a significant deficiency in the insurance industry for these types of health problems.

It is so severe that even men and women who have good jobs cannot sustain a dental plan within their family budget. This leads to two paths: either they must depend on charity clinics, and special journeys of dental care or they just have to take care of their teeth as best they can, as they lose them.

Which is the Alternative to Have Dental Coverage?

Fortunately for users, today some of the best insurance agencies such as Thom Ashton Insurance, offer innovative coverage to meet the teething of their satisfied customers. We have made significant advances on behalf of our clients in dental care.

Thom Ashton provides the best dental plans in Florida, with coverages starting at just $15 per month. Within our range of products, you can obtain savings between 10% and 60% in several dental services.

In our company, we have been concerned with providing the user with a wide range of options for the care of their dental health and that of their family members. Nowadays our customers can choose among the 36 fabulous dental plans.

The best thing about our dental plans is that they are focused on the benefit of the user. There are no waiting times, deductibles, or extensive paperwork to access the benefits. Also, they are unlimited for use during the year of coverage, which allows you greater peace of mind regarding your dental health. You can choose individual or family plans, always at your absolute convenience and requirement.

Finally Thom Ashton allows you the option to pay monthly. However, if you want to enjoy significant savings in dental plans in Florida, you can choose to pay the entire year. Contact Us; We will be happy to assist you.

Dental Plans Florida
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