Best Medigap Plans In Florida

It’s not easy making sense out of Medicare supplement insurance. Tom Ashton Insurance is just a phone call away, should you need assistance in choosing the right plan; in fact, many of our clients tell us we have access to the best Medigap plans in Florida. Professional guidance through the maze of gap plans can ensure you’re adequately covered for medical care your Medicare Part A and B plans fail to cover completely.

Client-Preferred Recommendations

The biggest complaint from clients regarding Medigap coverage is due to the fact that plans and parts both use letters to identify different types of coverage. For the consumer, this can be extremely confusing. We serve seniors in communities across Florida by making it a simple process to obtain the right coverage at an affordable cost. Let’s sit down and discuss your needs while looking for a plan that fits your budget.

Free Online Resources

Our website is designed to make Medigap insurance coverage more understandable at a glance. Just click the ‘Medicare Supplement Plans’ link to access our plan chart. Look to the lefthand side of the chart to find the type of add-on insurance you’re interested in, then check the chart to see which plan checks the box for that coverage. If you need any help along the way, Tom Ashton Insurance is close at hand with answers to your questions. Feel free to call, and we’ll put you in touch with the best Medigap plans in Florida.

What a Medigap Plan Will Cover

Medicare Parts A and B take care of most of the basics, which include hospitalization and medical expenses, but there are gaps in Medicare’s coverage that will come out of your own pocket unless another plan is in place to absorb the excess costs- that’s where Medigap comes in. For additional healthcare services, such as a stay in a skilled nursing facility, excess doctor charges, foreign travel emergencies, or the deductible for Medicare Parts A and B, a gap plan picks up where Medicare leaves off. There are even plans that limit the amount of out-of-pocket costs you’ll pay in a single year.

Shop Carefully For the Best Deal

Many of our clients are seniors on a budget looking for the best value for their dollar. If you’re in the same category, you’ll find Tom Ashton Insurance is able to connect you with the best Medigap plans in Florida without depleting your savings. We’ll look for an affordable program that meets all of your needs- one that should end up saving you significantly if you need health care throughout the year.

Part D Specialists

You may have heard from friends or family that Medigap Part D offers exceptional coverage but have found that most insurance agents are unwilling to talk much about Part D; that’s because the commission for Part D is low, compared with other Medigap plans. If Part D provides the best value for your needs, we’ll put a Part D plan in place that protects your wealth against the rising costs of healthcare. Let’s get started today- make a call to Tom Ashton Insurance.

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